B2B Expertise

ELBE Marketing affords your business a cohesive selection of B2B marketing services that align with your immediate business needs, goals and budget. My expertise wields 17+ years of corporate leadership at the local, national and global levels; providing you the strategy, execution and results you need to be an immediate success.

Building on Success

Success shouldn’t merely be reproduced, it should be built upon! That’s why every solution I provide for you today is built with the intention your business will stand on its shoulders tomorrow. It’s part of my “scalable, flexible, modular” approach that provides you with a blueprint for continued success.

Inbound Marketing

I break down the entire B2B buying cycle into stages and detail how buyers move from stranger to customer and finally, advocate. My proven inbound marketing approach outlines what you should focus on during each stage so that buyers trip over their decision-making criteria and progress into paying customers. Learn more about my inbound marketing approach and how it takes the guesswork out of how visitors become leads and leads become customers.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your entire online presence is tied to your SEO. If you’ve only been considering the words on your website, you’ve already lost a battle you were never really in. My comprehensive SEO approach researches your company, marketplace and individual business goals to assure you have the best SEO strategy in place. I understand having individual goals and performance indicators unique to your business allows you to target and measure the correct things, so you get the correct results you need and expect. Get more from your SEO and B2B marketing services in general.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

ELBE approaches SEM (paid search) from an ongoing, data-driven, quantitative approach. There is a fine line between a highly effective paid search campaign and a waste of time, money and resources. B2B marketing success starts with understanding the goals, KPIs, budget and expectations driving the campaign! I show you how you’re not just bidding on words and putting a hook in the digital water. You’re competing against a large number of real-time and cumulative criteria that requires building specific content around that paid click. I’ll work to assure every dollar spent is maximized for the highest ROI and lowest Cost-Per-Click.


WordPress Management

Over 60 million users and 28% of the web use WordPress. Add over 45,000 plugins and you’ll begin to see why it’s also a large target for hackers. ELBE Marketing employs multiple levels of security to assure your site, plugins and content are up-to-date and as safe as possible. As part of my WordPress management packages, I review your entire website presence to assure you have the hosting, technology and theme that your business needs and that Google’s ranking algorithm values. Along the way I’ll take time to inform you of the best practices, plugins and other resources I use to make sure your website is running smoothly.


Social Media Management

ELBE gives your company the social media presence in needs and deserves. Leads? Engagement? Awareness? Each channel has its strengths and weaknesses making it either necessary or unnecessary depending on your industry, marketplace, goals and customers. ELBE understands this and my social media management packages offer posts relevant to your business and real human interaction on your social media channels versus the automation others use. Your time is precious! Let ELBE Marketing put your brand in front of your customers where and when they want to engage with you.


Print Advertising

B2B print campaigns can still be highly effective depending on the industry and publication. Whether you are looking for awareness or leads, I work with you to capture your brand and research the pertinent publications, organizations and conferences that assure you have the best exposure and placement possible. Most importantly, I’ll explain how we can track offline to online traffic generated from your print advertising campaigns so your advertising dollars can be measured. Let ELBE Marketing’s B2B marketing services handle all the selection, design, deadlines and negotiations necessary to help your print advertising be a success.